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The I Am project is a new initiative, aiming to stand up against stereotypes.

Our goal is very simple: we want to compile images, videos and typed responses – of LGBT+ people telling us, what they are.

We want to create a space which can show the world just how diverse and amazing the LGBT+ community is. And how we do not fit into their rigid views, of what we ‘should’ be.

Far too often society defines us by our sexuality, or our gender.
The media portrays us so frequently as old fashioned exaggerations of what we are expected to be. A gay character will be effeminate, over the top, camp; a lesbian will be butch, Bisexuals as confused, trans men and woman as freaks or jokes…

But we want to know, who you are – what makes up the wonderful person that is you.  

So just finish the sentence: “I am….” And send it in to us!

And we will compile a massive blog, showing the diversity and wonder that is the LGBT+ community.

There are three ways you can submit to this blog: by picture, video or just as an email. Either through tumblr, or to the email address: They can be as anonymous as you like!

Thank you for taking part!
Please reblog this to help spread the word!

(Campaign run by: equal Magazine)

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