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Got new shoes this weekend. Laces were my one small change. Love ‘em and can’t wait to wear to work!

Got new shoes this weekend. Laces were my one small change. Love ‘em and can’t wait to wear to work!

I need more of this in the world. Gay country makes so much fucking sense! I mean, who has more angst and/or awesome love stories than the LGBT community :)

Rant: This is why I have a problem with politicians

Here are things I feel, as a nation, we need to address:

  • Poverty
  • Job Growth
  • Homeless
  • Alternate Energy
  • Mental Health

Instead, here is what is happening at the state levels :

  • Legislation stating that once a fetal heart beat is found - abortion is off the table (Alabama)
  • Legislation demanding a “waiting period” before you can have an abortion (Alabama)
  • Legislation demanding that prior to an abortion, a mother must be given materials about alternate methods of dealing with unwanted pregnancy. (Alabama)
  • There’s SB 2681 in Mississippi - which appears to mimic what is currently sitting on Arizona governor’s desk allowing people to openly discriminate against anyone they don’t want to service (Read: The gays)

*steps onto soapbox*

How about this? Get out of women’s vaginas - get out of my GODDAMN relationship - and get to work on some solutions for the first things I mentioned?

You know how #MobileAL is handling job growth? Bringing in Air Bus - which translates into specialists MOVING to Mobile because all we have here are people qualified for janitorial and security positions.

How about we make jobs for the people that are already here? How about we EDUCATE the people we have here, FOR the jobs that want to move in?

How about we work on help for the homeless? Many of which are military veterans - jobless people - and/or even have some mental health issues.

I’m just so fed up with these idiot politicians. It’s at the point where I’m considering running myself so we can get something done. 

*steps down from soapbox*



Texas Sportscaster Gives Best Response to Michael Sam’s Coming Out Ever

Only in the South will you find people who are willing to speak out so vehemently against those who wish to oppress.  

As a more youthful Southerner, I do not wish my region’s social legacy to be that of my parents’.  This man is an example of a member of previous generations that wishes to bridge the gap.  

His news station should feel so lucky to have him.  

Agreed - national news and organizations claim the South is the worst place for the LGBT community - but yet we have some of the most vocal supporters. See above. 

People ask me, why do you stay in the South when it’s “better” elsewhere? Mainly? Because we have to affect change from within and people like the above are making it happen.

(Source:, via mggardner)

This man…just…hot damn. Watch this passionate speech and try not to cry.

A true ally.